Simply put, we ship your product to you Carbon Neutral at no cost to you!

We don't "offset" our carbon footprint but remove it, via the Planet App.

We as a brand will always act in a sustainable way. We are a young family and are 100% committed to living and running a business that is conscious of our impact on the environment. We are raising our kids to act in this way too!

One of the most impactful changes that a business can make is to our shipping, something that accounts for nearly 3% of global carbon emissions. Thanks to Planet, a new app from Shopify, we can offer carbon-neutral shipping for each order. This makes it easy for us to remove estimated carbon emissions from order shipments. 

Show me some examples of what we have invested in? 

reforests land affected by wildfires to mitigate the mounting loss of forests due to climate change. They’ve conducted reforestation efforts on 300 acres of the Henry Creek watershed in western Oregon that was burned in the 2020 Beachie Creek fire. They used drones to aerially deploy pucks containing seeds from eight native species and supplemented this with interplanting of seedlings to encourage biodiversity. The next step is to monitor the growth of these seeds and seedlings. Link

Grassroots Carbon helps ranchers modify land management practices to regenerate our natural systems, and capture and store more carbon in the soil. In the last few months, Grassroots Carbon added 50,000 acres of regenerative grazing land to their portfolio, gathered data from rigorous 3-foot deep soil sampling, and submitted close to 100,000 tonnes of credits for independent 3rd party validation and certification. They also awarded 10 scholarships to ranchers, to support their education and implementation of regenerative grazing practices. Link

Loam develops a microbial seed coating that increases carbon in soils, as well as crop yields, and is simple for farmers to apply, laying the groundwork for gigatonne-scale CO₂ removal. They’re currently testing their technology across 1,500 hectares of farmland in New South Wales and Victoria, and in late May, Loam and GrainCorp announced a partnership that will help Loam develop stronger relationships with growers across Australia. Link

Sustaera creates low-cost modular direct air capture technology by using naturally available, abundant materials that rapidly absorb atmospheric CO₂ and can be efficiently regenerated using renewable energy. Sustaera continues to hit technological milestones since Planet’s launch, and in early August, announced the appointment of Dr. Mary Haas as CEO to lead the commercialization of Sustaera’s technology, bringing nearly 20 years of relevant, global experience to the team. Link

Charm Industrial turns plant waste into bio oil and safely stores it underground. Since Planet’s launch, Charm released their path towards robust monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) of carbon removal credits produced via bio oil sequestration, and followed that up with a prototype protocol and their own public registry. Charm is demonstrating their leadership with this level of transparency, and levelling up the entire sector as a result. Link 

Climeworks’ direct air capture technology removes CO₂ from the air, after which it is destined for permanent storage underground. On June 28th, Climeworks announced that they’ve broken ground in Iceland to build their newest and largest direct air capture facility, called Mammoth. Mammoth will be able to capture 36,000 tonnes of CO₂ every year, and is a big step in Climeworks’ ambitious scale-up plan: multi-megaton carbon capture capacity by 2030, on track to deliver gigaton capacity by 2050. Link