ROCKLEOPARD has pledged that for every mat sold on our website, we will plant 10 trees in return.

As an online business, we're aware that we have a role to play in minimising our impact on the environment and want to do more to help and lead by example. As we manufacture and ship our products to you, it means we create emissions. It has resulted in us carefully selecting suppliers who match our standards to operate in equally environmentally sound ways, so as to reduce the impact we have on natural resources and the planet.

Therefore for every mat sold through it will result in 10 trees being planted through our partnership with The Good API. If you buy 2 mats, we plant 20 trees; buy 10 mats, we plant 100 trees. This is not a cost that is passed onto the customer - there are no hidden fees, all automatic and handled by us.

We take sustainability and environmental issues seriously and will continue to do our part. We hope that you do too. 

If you would like to know more about the Eden Reforestation project these funds go to, follow this link -