ROCKLEOPARD was born in 2019 out of a desire to share the life-changing benefits of yoga. What began as a personal path away from depression and crippling anxiety for myself towards physical and mental health lit a fire to inspire others to do the same.

We noticed there to be a real issue with the way yoga products were being made, i.e. not to last and not from sustainable materials.

They fade and peel within a short period of time and sadly enter landfill sooner than later, which sucks. We set out to correct this issue with products that will last for years, not months!

We only manufacture products that have minimal impact on the environment. This includes during production (achieving zero emission manufacturing & using sustainable materials), the packaging being used (all recyclable) or how we ship it to your door (offsetting our carbon footprint with each delivery and planting 10 trees in Madagascar for each unit sold). 

Our exceptionally designed products help you unlock your own inner fire. Let us be your fitness partner, providing the wellness tools that encourage you to achieve your goals. With your courage, determination, and focus, together we can make lasting changes toward a happier, healthier life.

Alex x



Our goal is to build a household brand that impacts millions of people. Bringing true education to the masses to drive humanity forward by looking after their physical and mental health with earth friendly products.

Ps. This picture consists of me (Alex) my Wife (Erin) and our Son (Isaac).

Pps. We have since had a little girl called Evie and we're over the moon!



We make mats that we are really proud of. They have been meticulously designed to be the most durable and earth friendly mats on the planet.

3 keys objectives;

1. Help spread the benefits of yoga and meditation.

2. Manufacture, package and ship products that don't impact the environment. As a young family we couldn't be more committed to this with our buy 1, plant 10 tree initiative and offsetting our carbon footprint with each unit shipped to your door.

3. Raise the awareness of looking after your physical and mental state, in an age of rising mental health figures. Come with us.

Buy 1, Plant 10?


Looking after your physical and mental health is crucial to your happiness. Our aim is to encourage you to look after yourself by making workout products that will be your new favorite addition, to you daily ritual. Our goal is to make you feel good about youself, simple.