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Super comfortable on my old arthritic knees. Absolutely no weird odors or fumes and grip is fantastic.

Hey Juliana,

Thank you so much for the review, we're genuinely thrilled that you like the mat and wish you many happy yoga sessions now and forever more.

We greatly value having you as a customer.

Best wishes,

RL Team 💕✌🙏


This mat brought my practice to the next level!

Thanks for the review Laurie, so happy that you're happy with the product. Wishing you all the best with your practice. Alex

Great great quality

Coming from an amazon Mat, i can tell you this one is the real deal . The grippe is awesome and i'm looking forward to use this Mat.

Thank you so much for your fantastic review! We're thrilled to hear that you're already impressed with our mat's grip. Get ready for even more amazing workouts ahead!

Absolutely the best, hands down!

Incredible mat and an unreal price point! It might sound crazy to state that the mat is designed to last 100 years, but when you get it in and under your hands and use it, you will feel differently. Super heavy duty, great comfort for knees, etc., you will NOT slip on the surface, and extremely easy to clean, but really does not attract any debris. Whoever designed this obviously had a good knowledge of the exact uses and what the pitfalls of the more expensive companies' mats were. It is a joy to use and is usable right away with no preparation. Lays completely flat and rolls up perfectly. I would recommend this for advanced as well as beginners because it is the only mat you'll need for life! Another great bonus is if you are too tall for other mats, this has you covered. At just over 6' I still have room above my head and below my feet when lying flat. And it is just right on the width, being a bit wider than other mats. Can't find a single negative about it or the company. Customer service was impeccable with communication and the delivery time was very fast - especially considering I got mine right before Christmas.
Take the leap of faith on this one because there is literally nothing to lose. Free shipping, and if you don't like it during their very generous trial period, they'll cover return shipping. You won't be sending it back, though. Made in Germany in probably the cleanest facility on the planet, the mat has no odor when you first unpack it. Clearly the best and a true hidden gem out there in the mix of a million mats!

Wow, thank you for such an incredible review! We're thrilled to hear that you're loving every aspect of our mat, from its durability and comfort to its easy maintenance and thoughtful design. Your feedback means the world to us, and we're so grateful for your trust in our product. Here's to many more rewarding workouts with your new favorite mat

Xmas gift

it’s a Christmas gift so hasn’t been used yet

Used a few times now and I'm really happy with it. No smell of chemicals and made well

Thank you for sharing your feedback on our Emerald Zen - Eco Grip Hot Yoga Mat! We're glad to hear that you have been enjoying it and appreciate the fact that there is no chemical smell. We take pride in creating quality products and it's great to know that it has met your expectations. Keep up the good work on your hot yoga practice!

Great mat

I just received my mat. Shipping was fast and I love the heavy duty tube it comes in. Mat has a sticky texture even though it’s not the hot yoga grip version which is good since I sweat a lot. I teach several classes a week and so far so good! Easy to clean, thick and kind on joints, feels sturdy! I’m looking forward to not having to replace my mat as often. ❤️

Hey Melissa, Thank you for taking the time to leave a review for our Pro Series™ Yoga Mat. We are happy to hear that you are satisfied with your purchase and that the shipping process was fast for you. We take pride in providing our customers with a high-quality product, and we are glad to know that the sticky texture of the mat is working well for you during your classes. We understand the importance of a durable mat, and we are glad to know that it is holding up well for your frequent use. Thank you for choosing our mat and we hope it continues to meet your needs.



Customer Service Team at [Company Name]

Great mat, but disappointed!

I love the thickness of the mat, however I’m disappointed with the mat because I think I bought the wrong one. I teach and practice hot yoga every day and so far, I’ve been slipping during my practice. Wish I knew ahead of time that there was a different mat for hot yoga classes.

Hi there,

Thank you for your honest review! We're glad to hear that you love the thickness of our Pro Series™ Yoga Mat 5.5MM. However, we're sorry to hear that you've been slipping during your hot yoga practice.

We understand your disappointment and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. We do have a specific mat designed for hot yoga classes, the Eco Grip Series - Hot Yoga Mat, which has extra grip for a slip-free practice. The Eco Grips absorb a ton of moisture and are the go to for super sweaty sessions, no towels are required to keep your hands and feet from moving.

Thank you for your feedback, and we hope you continue to enjoy your yoga practice with our products.

Warmly, Alex

This mat!!!! So in love.

From grip to thickness to size this has been a perfect mat for my daily practice.

Thank you for sharing your positive experience with our Emerald Zen Eco Grip Hot Yoga Mat! We're thrilled to hear that it has been a perfect addition to your daily practice, with its grip, thickness, and size. Keep up the great work!

Very nice mat

A very sturdy mat that I have now used almost daily for a couple of weeks. A slight plastic smell that seem to be abating. Firm enough for standing poses, soft enough for comfort. Alex, the owner was responsive and helpful with my questions. I look forward to years of regular use. 5 stars

Hi Mark,

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review for our Pro Series™ Yoga Mat. We are thrilled to hear that you are enjoying its sturdiness and comfort during your daily practice. We apologize for any slight plastic smell that you may have experienced, but we are glad to hear that it is dissipating. We are happy to have been able to assist you with any questions you had, and we are confident that you will continue to enjoy the mat for years to come. Thank you for choosing our product and for your 5-star rating. Namaste.

Hot yoga use

I have used this mat for 3 consecutive hot yoga classes and this is the best mat I have used over my 15 years of practice. The thickness is perfect as well as the firmness. Lots of sweat already and this mat hasn't blinked. I couldn't recommend a mat more.

Hi Matt! Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review. We're thrilled to hear that our Pro Series™ Yoga Mat has exceeded your expectations for hot yoga. It's great to know that the thickness and firmness are just right for you, and that it can handle lots of sweat without any issues. We truly appreciate your recommendation and are grateful to have you as a customer. Keep mastering those poses!

Best yoga mat I have ever used!

I love this mat. The grip is very strong and there is no sliding whatsoever. It is also lighter than I anticipated. As stated in their ad, there is no smell of rubber and there is no need to treat this mat to help the grip. It was ready to go, when I received it with no issues. It also arrived ahead of schedule.

Dear Kathryn,

Thank you for taking the time to leave such a positive review for our Pro Series™ Yoga Mat 5.5MM. We are thrilled to hear that it is the best yoga mat you have ever used and that you are satisfied with its grip and lightweight design. We take pride in providing a high-quality product that is ready to use straight out of the box. We appreciate your support and hope to continue exceeding your expectations in the future.


Goodbye Lululemon Yoga Mat, Hello Rock Leopard!

I was so excited to receive my new yoga mat in the mail. I love the packaging, it comes in a beautiful quality circle box that makes the yoga mat easy to store and of course, I love my new mat! I used to use a lululemon yoga mat or a cheap one at the studio. Since I've been using the Rock Leopard yoga mat, the experience is one I haven't had before. The mat doesn't smell! Unlike lululemon or a cheap mat which smells of toxic fumes especially when I'm doing poses that require me to have my face on the mat. I find myself holding my breath so I don't have to inhale the toxic fumes on the other mats but with Rock Leopard I can fully breathe and inhale through my poses without worrying about toxic smelly fumes. My new yoga mat is also so COMFORTABLE! Like a dream to do yoga with. That 5.5mm ± 05mm has definitely been designed with comfort in mind, protecting the joints indeed. A different experience compared to the two other mats I've used before. The grip is also very good. What I really liked was that the mat fit my length. I am 5'7 tall and found I wasn't having to constantly adjust to stay on the mat, in fact I had plenty of yoga mat space which was really nice. Overall I am a very happy and satisfied customer with my new Rock Leopard yoga mat. I also have other yoga students inquiring about my new mat too. The only thing that may be a drawback is that I do not have a car and have to walk 20 minutes uphill to yoga sessions so it can be a bit heavy to carry, but if one has a car then it's no problem at all.

I shared my new yoga mat with my brother for him to try it out and this is what he had to say:

"So I have been using the rock leopard yoga mat for the last week and I have to say I am so excited that I have found a replacement to my old mat, from lululemon. I had the other mat since 2020 and one thing that always bothered me about it was how much it stank like chemicals. I loved everything else about it but I could never get over the smell of toxic fumes as I placed my face close to the mat. When I started using the rock leopard mat I was a bit sceptical as so many other mats I had used were often too slippery or felt cheap in comparison to the one from lululemon. I am happy to say that it has all the qualities I love about a good yoga mat without the chemical reeking right out of the box. In summary, good bye old mat, and your chemical fumes, and hello Rock Leopard. I am excited to see how much more I fall in love with this mat as time goes on."

Super durable and comfy mat

If you are looking for a cushiony mat that it is easy to keep clean and maintain…this is the right choice for you!

Amazing grip

This mat is super sticky and thick for comfort. It has been in 100 degree yoga room repeatedly and continues to be totally nonslip. I am super impressed!

Fast Delivery and Great Product

Received my mat the next day. Have been using it for a while now and it has great grip. Love the color too 🥰 - Meg.

WOW, this is really great

Received my mat within a day, which was a great start, first tick.
The packaging and design is really cool, not like any other workout mat that I have bought before, it definitely stands-out and looks and feels premium, second tick.
The thickness is good, I have sore knees due to years of sports and damage to ligaments, this is thick enough to provide the support I need and not too thick that I lose balance doing certain routines, third tick.
Can tell that this will last, the top layer has a diamond engraved layer, the bottom a checked design and can say I've not slipped in any position, fourth tick.
This was more expensive than other mats I've bought before but the only other one that was of interest and a similar price point was the Manduka Pro but read that you had to use salt rubs to get the surface to stick, this doesn't need that, fifth tick.
Could go on, it is a hit.

Thanks, Ben!

So far so good

Like the ability of this mat to absorb sweat fast. Have been using it for cardio based classes and have found it to be solid. Like the color and the fact that it is made from sustainable materials is nice to know. Have had a few friends ask about it and would recommend it. Go RL.

Really good for Hot yoga

Have managed to use this for a few hot yoga classes and it is really good. The top layer does absorb well and haven't been slipping as a result. The bottom layer has good grip too and not noticed any slipping on the hard surface underneath in class. Overall really happy with my purchase, it arrived super quick and for free! Loving rockleopard so far.

Great color, material with no movement

Love this yoga mat for it's quality, not to mention color is soft like that of a ballet shoe. Also it came to me in less than 24h from the time of order with no cost for shipping. Cannot beat that. I have definitely come over to this brand and will leave Gaiam behind. Nothing but trouble with their online purchases.

Top Quality

Excellent yoga & functional mat. Easy to store and lays flat on any surface every time.

Sweat proof!

This mat has an amazing grip and is perfect for a sweaty hot yoga session! It feels beautiful and well made :). Definitely a winner!

Loving the green color

Great color, the mat is large and wide which is good for my practice. Overall happy with my purchase.

Got this for Hot Yoga and it's great

Bought one of these for Hot Yoga, got to say that it is very good at absorbing moisture during class. I sweat a lot and despite this, I have not been slipping on the mat. Recommended. FP