Product Guarantee

We guarantee our stylish mats to be free of manufacturer defects at the time of purchase. 

We offer a lifetime guarantee for the Pro Series mat, if cared for and used properly. If it is found that there are manufacturer defects and the yoga mat does not meet our standard of quality at the time of purchase, or if it wears out under normal conditions, we will replace the product. 

Please note the Eco Grip Series is not included in the lifetime guarantee, however the lifetime should be around 5-8 years of regular use when cared for and used properly. 

There is a maximum of one replacement per purchase. 

Cosmetic wear or damage resulting from improper handling or care, post-purchase modifications, alterations, negligence, and use for a purpose other than for which it was designed, are not covered by the Guarantee. 

Please keep in mind all warranties and lifetime guarantees are voided if any products are purchased from unauthorized resellers on Amazon other than ROCKLEOPARD. We are also unable to provide warranties for any items purchased through eBay or any other sales channel at this time. ✅

Criteria Covered Under the Lifetime Guarantee:

  • Wear to the top surface of the yoga mat from regular use that impacts its performance.

Criteria Not Covered Under the Lifetime Guarantee:

  • Damage due to use other than yoga or similar fitness activities
  • A noticeable odor due to usage and lack of cleaning/airing
  • Damage from excessive amounts of water or other liquids, for example submerging the mat under water
  • Cosmetic wear to the surface that does not affect the performance of the mat
  • Uneven color patterns, stains, or discoloration at time of purchase or from use
  • Mats used by studios for in-studio equipment are not covered by the lifetime guarantee.
  • Folds, dents and creases from improper handling and/or storing. We recommend to lay the mat flat or keep it rolled up between sessions
  • Improper cleaning with anything other than a mild detergent and warm water
  • Damage from a washing machine, vacuum cleaner, etc.
  • Damage from outside elements or factors
  • Slipping on the mat
  • Mats marked as "Irregular/used" at time of purchase


Our goal is to build a household brand that impacts millions of people. Bringing true education to the masses to drive humanity forward by looking after their physical and mental health with earth friendly products.

Ps. This picture consists of me (Alex) my Wife (Erin) and our Son (Isaac).

Pps. We have since had a little girl called Evie and we're over the moon!



We make mats that we are really proud of. They have been meticulously designed to be the most durable and earth friendly mats on the planet.

3 keys objectives;

1. Help spread the benefits of yoga and meditation.

2. Manufacture, package and ship products that don't impact the environment. As a young family we couldn't be more committed to this with our buy 1, plant 10 tree initiative and offsetting our carbon footprint with each unit shipped to your door.

3. Raise the awareness of looking after your physical and mental state, in an age of rising mental health figures. Come with us.

Buy 1, Plant 10?


Looking after your physical and mental health is crucial to your happiness. Our aim is to encourage you to look after yourself by making workout products that will be your new favorite addition, to you daily ritual. Our goal is to make you feel good about youself, simple.