1. Where do you ship to?

The Pro & Eco Grip Series mats are only available to Contiguous USA 🇺🇸 addresses, currently.

If you want us to add your location to our shipping list, please email us at info@rockleopard.com 


2. When will I get my mat?

The Pro mat will be with you within 2 days max if based on the East Coast of the USA.

If located on the West Coast, allow for 3 days max.

Most deliveries are within a day or 2.

The Eco Grip mat can be with you within 1 business day. Add your address to the Fast Tag just above the ADD TO CART button on the product pages and we will give you the shipping time.


3. What if I want to return it?

We've made returns super easy! 

We want you to be happy at ROCKLEOPARD, even if the product doesn’t work for you. Everyone has different preferences which we totally understand.

Don’t worry; if you aren’t completely satisfied with our products, we’ll take care of you. If something doesn’t work, we’ll find you a product that does, and if we can’t, we’ll make you whole.

We offer full refunds up to 180 days from the date of purchase. Contact us for returns instructions and a free return label.

Let’s level up your Yoga game together!


4. Why are these more expensive compared to other mats?

These mats has been highly engineered to outlast any other on the market. We offer a lifetime guarantee for the Pro mat. We estimate that the Eco Grip will last between 5-8 years.

Buying a low quality, cheap mat will not last long and you will need to replace it after a year or 2 depending on your frequency of exercise and intensity of workouts. Not to mention they are made with all sorts of nasty chemicals, which is bad for you and the environment.

Invest in the best quality you can, and over the long term, you will have a product which is excellent value for money.


5. What are these mats made from?

The Pro Series is made from Polyester with a vinyl coating on the top layer. Manufactured in Germany from the finest materials. These plant-friendly OEKO-TEX 100 compliant yoga mats don't contain any harmful chemicals, are gentle on the skin, and perfect for adults, children, and even your furry friends.

The Eco Grip top layer is made from PU leather which is vegan friendly. The bottom layer is made from natural rubber which comes from the rubber tree which is a sustainable source. These mats are recyclable and biodegradable.


6. Do you offer a refund?

Love it, or receive a full refund on all purchases.


7. How do I care for my mat? 

For the Pro Series - with proper care, your mat will last a lifetime. Use a cloth and a non-toxic cleaner to gently wipe down your mat as required - be gentle around the LEOPARD's face 😻. Airing your mat out from time to time will also increase the lifespan of your mat. 

For the Eco Grip Series - we recommend not to wear sneakers whilst using these mats due to the top layer being on the softer side. We also recommend not to wear jewelery or lotions to prevent marking the mat surface.

Airing your mat out from time to time will also increase the lifespan of your mat.

Use a very mild detergent which is oil free with some lukewarm water. A ratio of 1:20 is great. Roll the mat with the practice/logo side facing out to prevent any damage.


8. How do I contact the founder?

Simple! Please email me (Alex) at info@rockleopard.com and I will come back to you within 24 hours. Here to help you with any queries that you might have and look forward to hearing from you.


9. Where does the name come from? 

Cultivating a lasting change begins with observing who you are and choosing to love it, for better or worse. Those first few steps toward self-acceptance are hard and require us to be fierce in the face of shade and adversity. That's why ROCKLEOPARD isn't just a brand - we are your spirit animal. Allow us to be the symbol of courage that inspires you to break the mold and crush your goals. Unlock your incredible potential with the most loyal yoga and workout gear on the market. We’ve got your back. Live happier and healthier today for a brighter, beautiful tomorrow.